Zion Charitable Trust is a secular and charitable organization managed by Mr. P.Noel Samuel for the welfare of HIV patients, young mothers, poor& needy children by providing quality education, thereby facilitating a bright career through multiple intelligence and people participation programs.

Zion Charitable Trust with partnership with Compassion International, Colorado Springs, CO, USA, is currently sponsoring 2135 children, 35 pregnant mothers and their infants, moreover providing employment opportunity to 120 families in 9 Child Development Projects and 1 Child Survival Program.

The 9 Child Development Projects are helping children who are semi orphans, economically poor families, broken families, HIV/AIDS Victims, children whose parents suffer from Chronic Diseases, Widows children etc.

When we started the 9 Child Development Projects we adopted communities where there no educational and healthcare facilities. When we selected the area to set the Project,the people in the communities were seasonal daily wage laborers who did not have regular income thereby social problems like drug and alcohol addiction, girls were not educated, early marriages, child labor, bonded labor, prostitution and human trafficking was prevalent. The parents because of their poor economic situation and their environment their moral values are very poor giving rise to criminal activities. Over the years we conducted awareness classes to the parents and educated them of human rights, income generation schemes, encouraged them to utilize Government resources like primary health care, education, survival programs to uplift their socio economic status.


Navajeevan Child Survival Program was started in October 2008 in Gudivada and impacting Goodmenpet, Bapujinagar, New Colony, PanchavatiColony, YanadulaColony, Nagannacheruvugattu communities.

People in this area are semi-skilled workers like welders, rod benders and blacksmiths, unfortunately they do not have regular work so their income is very meager. Most of the men are addicted to various vices like smoking, drugs, alcohol, gambling etc. Sadly, the women in the family bear the burden of this situation especially when they are pregnant. Our Child Survival Program staff counsel the young mothers about proper nutritious diet, antenatal care, take them to the gynecologist regularly, for scans, advise them to take the prescribed vitamins regularly, help them when they go through labor, postpartum care, Breastfeeding, immunization, Family Planning etc.

The young new mothers are also counseled about life values, and also taught to save money, tailoring and other income generating skills.